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In The Garden (2009)

Mr. Munson (2010)

Under The Lake (2011)

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I've been recording music for a while, used to be in some bands years ago, but just doing solo stuff for now.

Mike Resnick, all instruments and songwriting
Sean Jordan, lead guitar on Goodbye


Alternative Rock,Pop/Rock

Completed Albums

In The Garden(2009)

In The Garden   Download
I Know Better   Download
Stranger   Download
Just Like You   Download
I Can See   Download
Tree Line   Download
Farewell   Download
Run Away   Download
Welcome Back   Download
Something New   Download

Mr. Munson(2010)

Baby Child   (preferred)   Download
I'm Okay   Download
Star   Download
Beautiful Girl   Download
Mystery Lady   Download
Confused   Download
Only 17   Download
Mr. Munson   Download
Disease   Download
All Alone in the City   Download

Under The Lake(2011)

Other Guy   (preferred)   Download
Hello   Download
Under The Lake   Download
Goodbye   Download
In Your Head   Download
Make You Mine   Download
Nightmare   Download
Hollywood   Download
Free   Download
Hard Luck Life   Download